The secret lies in our investments and in the use of ever more cutting-edge technology in harvesting, refrigeration, packaging, handling as well as in customer service. Investments have reached €12,000,000 over the last three years, while another €10,000,000 have been earmarked to be spent in the upcoming years on new production units, standardisation and refrigeration.
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1 12 M
Investments 12.000.000€
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1 10 M
Future planned investments

Brand name

From the very outset, Protofanousis Fruits aimed at creating a strong brand name, breaking the mould of the fixed idea that Greek fruit is transported anonymously to foreign markets. The PROTO brand is now a byword for premium quality, with no corner-cutting.

And with the brand came the expertise. Today, the company's reputation for its kiwi fruit and cherries has spread far and wide, including among its customers such giants in handling and supermarket chains as Costco, Jeronimo, Lidl, Tesco and Wellcome, which operate in Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, the USA and Canada.

Fruit handlilng in tons

30.000.000 24.000.000 18.000.000 12.000.000 Total KIWIS CHERRIES GRAPES 6.000.000 0 2004 2007 2010 2013 2015 2017 2019


More than 30 million kilos of fruit are refrigerated, packaged and transported by PROTO annually. We have our own facilities stretching out over a total area of 25,000m2. They include a modern packing plant in Kalochori, refrigeration facilities in Pella and Pieria, as well as a store in Thessaloniki’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Since 2007, PROTO has been expanding its activities in another fruit, which is now its third most important export product: table grapes.

360° Quality System

As a contemporary enterprise that is profoundly conscious of the importance of quality, Protofanousis applies a 360-degree quality system covering all production stages from the field to the consumer.

Furthermore, quality assurance becomes more complex, the larger the quantity being handled by a fruit company gets, and as such, requires continuous vigilance.

Methods for quality assurance today require a system of multiple controls at all stages of the packing process.
360° Quality System

In the field

At Protofanousis, checks begin in the fields, where even before the fruit itself appears, conditions are recorded for the soil, climate, plant growth and the presence of pests or diseases so that forecasts can be made even before bud break and the appearance of the fruit itself.

Checks continue at all stages of growth, the harvesting process is recorded and evaluated, and final measurements are taken so that the initial evaluation can be arrived at. Data are collected, processed and filed through computer information systems, which allow all this volume of data to be converted into a clear picture of the given situation.
360° Quality System

In the fruit

Soon it will be possible to use advanced technology to measure all the ingredients of the fruit with absolute safety, providing information which can assess even the fruit’s flavour.

Apart from all the information gathered, recorded and evaluated, whether it has to do with the condition of the land plots, the fruit or the facility’s smooth operation, the modern trend in Quality Assurance Systems is the questioning of the Quality System itself.
Financial Data

Protofanousis Fruits S.A. closed 2019 with a turnover of EUR 31.8 million, almost 25% up on 2018.  The total quantity transported came to 27.5 million kilos.

The company's balance sheets for the last 10 years can be seen here for anyone who may be interested.


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