Cherry report

Cherry Report

6,500 tons harvested so far

The number of PROTO cherries being harvested and exported keeps rising and rising. More than 9,000 tons have been harvested so far while 200 tons of cherries have been harvested and packed per day in the last 10 days.

Our PROTO cherries’ success in numbers showcases:

•             10% rise in sales compared to last year

•             15 Million Euros turnover during June and the first 2 weeks of July


As a leading Greek fruit exporter, PROTO is the number 1 choice for collaboration supplying cherries of high quality and taste with a fast and reliable delivery service.


A fast, worldwide delivery service brings our fresh, high quality fruit to Germany, Poland, UK, Romania, Italy, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Holland and many other countries, supplying the biggest supermarket chains.


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