Cherry report – June 2020



While the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down across the globe, Greece managed to contain the disease even at its peak. The lockdown was put in place in a timely manner, allowing for an earlier opening of all retail business in comparison to other European and Eastern countries. The very low spread also allowed for industrial operations to continue as normal. The excellent handling of the crisis includes strict protocols for entering the country which in turn allowed foreign workers to cross the border and work as fruit and vegetables pickers without increasing the risk of infection. While the R0 infection rate index which is announced by the Greek Civil Protection Secretariat on a daily basis remains quite low, the fears of farmers not finding enough labor for harvesting were thankfully not confirmed.  Which brings us to the Proto cherry season which is currently running strong!


This season, Greek Cherries were slightly late by a week and so the packing process started on May 26. Quantity and Quality for the early and mid-early varieties was and still is satisfactory given the very few days of light rain. With Spain having had major quality issues and Turkey still out of the game, both buying and selling prices were higher than expected.


During the first week of packing, incoming quantities were limited to 80 tons per day while by mid-June PROTO is packing 150 to 160 tons of fresh cherries on a daily basis. While being in the season for only 3 weeks, the company has already handled more than 2.500 tons of cherries which creates high hopes for achieving the season target of 8.000 tons! With the fruit harvested, packed and shipped in no more than 36 hours and arriving in any European destination with 72 hours, we are confident that we will be able to supply our customers not only with truly fresh cherries but also meeting any volume target they set for us! Given that weather remains in our favor, the varieties that follow including Regina, Kordia, Ferrovia and Germensdorfer will be arriving to our customers’ warehouses until the end of July which marks the end of the season!

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