Cherry report: significant quantities


Cherry report: significant quantities

The season had a good start, with mild Greek winter… at the beginning! Come mid-January though, the temperatures significantly dropped all over Greece and even Spring’s March did not fight off the cold! Given that the Cherry trees achieved the full extent of the cold hours demanded for proper flowering and in respect, full production, this years’ Creek Cherry crop is expected to be rather significant quantity-wise.


As far as quality is concerned, provided that the weather holds without heavy rain or extreme temperatures, PROTO Cherries are expected to be as good as any Season, with excellent taste, color and looks!


Since the cold lasted slightly longer, first PROTO Cherry shipments are expected to depart for our customers on Week 22 and it seems that the 2022 Season will go well into Week 31! Our main target is for our customers to be satisfied with timely deliveries and top quality. While year after year we aim for the best possible outcome, we keep on training and upgrading the knowledge of our growers in order to further improve and excel.

Harvesting our Fresh Cherries during the coldest hours on a daily basis is our primary concern, making sure that hydrocooling and packing not only occur within 36 hours after harvest but also temperature deviations being kept at a minimum. Quantities may seem to be large for the Season, but PROTO Cherries tend to sell quickly so get in touch with us sooner rather than later to ensure you get your share of our delicious Fruit! 

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