Cherry season a recap

Cherry facility

“We are modestly optimistic”. This is how we replied when asked on how we expect the 2020 Cherry season would be. It turns out that this season has exceeded all expectations for PROTO! With the 2019 season finishing at the end of July with quantities that were within the expected range, the company was aware that younger trees would go into production in 2020 which meant higher quantities. But the actual figures could not be predicted.

The season in numbers

Starting on the final week of May until the first week of August, PROTO has handled more than 10.000.000 kilos of Cherries. Out of those, about 8.500 tons went through our packing house facility which means were sorted and packed for our customers. More than 95% was exported to Europe including Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Poland while this season marks the entry to the Danish and Saudi Arabia markets of PROTO fresh Cherries. While the quantities exceeded all expectations, the company managed to retain its operational model and pack the vast majority of the fruit within 24 hours or less from the time of harvest. On a daily basis, 200 tons of fruit would go through our sorting and packing line before being loaded to our customers. The rain rate as well as temperature levels were within the normal range keeping the overall quality of the fruit good for most varieties and for the better part of the season. The quantity was also increased because of the average smaller size.

Fully operational during the pandemic challenge

This season marks a new beginning for PROTO Cherries as the company has further developed its’ know-how on handling this delicate fruit, having successfully faced all challenges that come with such big quantities. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, PROTO was fully operational, maintaining an undisrupted supply chain to its clients, having taken all necessary health and safety measures advised by the Greek government.

2020 the year of the leader

While it was already a given for the European Markets that PROTO is the most reliable solution for quantity and quality throughout each season, 2020 marks the 8 figure milestone in kilos making the company the undisputed leader in the Cherries European Market.

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