Corporate record for cherry distribution!


Cherry season wrapped up in August with excellent results! The total cherry distribution numbers for PROTO surpassed last year’s 3,800 tons, demonstrating an 80% increase. This season, despite the fact that it’s been a huge success for PROTO, witnessed nevertheless late June’s intense rainfalls as well as a big increase in production volume, which resulted to a smaller size fruit –compared to last year’s.


The biggest demand for PROTO’s cherries came from the United Kingdom which tripled its order compared to last year. Italy came next ordering 30% more PROTO cherries than last season, while at the third place of the demand appeared Germany by doubling up its cherry import order.

A high increase in PROTO fruit export numbers was also noted among the Baltic countries, mainly due to PROTO’s strong co-operation with a local super-market chain. The season unveiled another new collaboration, this time with a Scandinavian chain-store which conducts the product shipment to Denmark and Finland.

Expectations for 2016

This season’s impressive numbers –against the unfortunate weather conditions- and the continual rise for the demand of cherries as it is being predicted by market experts, elevate PROTO’s expectations for 2016: to distribute even more cherries in new dynamic markets by sustaining the excellent quality of the fruit that shapes PROTO as a fruit export leader.

(photo credits: Chryssa Nikoleri)

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