European kiwis: a report on the first-half of the season


The heart of winter marks the end of the first half of the European Kiwifruit season. By the end of January, PROTO has sold 6000 tons of kiwifruit, a 15% drop in comparison to last season. This drop can be attributed to the smaller volumes European markets absorb. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for the drop in consumption in Europe, one could assume that the severe weather conditions and the Pandemic have played their part. Despite the drop, Spain and the UK remain the main destinations for PROTO kiwifruit, with the USA, Poland and Saudi Arabia following closely behind.


Rise in Exports for PROTO

PROTO has been shipping kiwifruit to South Africa for quite a few years, but the 2020-2021 season sees a significant increase to the volumes headed to the southern hemisphere country. On the other hand, Argentina is importing PROTO kiwifruit for the very first time and by the looks of demand in our fruit, it seems that a new market is emerging for the company! South East Asia has been slightly slower in volumes also this season. Hong Kong is the main destination, with Indonesia also receiving our fresh kiwifruit. China, which has also been almost absent last year seems to be bouncing back and looks quite promising for the last part of the season.


Get your kiwis by May!


PROTO being the leader in Greek Kiwifruit can cover your demands in tasty kiwifruit until May 2021, so keep in touch to learn how the markets are progressing! We are happy to hear from you and plan the rest of the Kiwifruit season and even discuss the upcoming Cherries’ season or your future needs in the best Greek Kiwifruit, Cherries or Table Grapes.

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