Fruit Attraction Madrid: an overview


This year PROTO participated actively in Fruit Attraction, by having its very own stand at the exhibition. It was an important corporate move to appear actively both in Fruit Logistica in Berlin and in Fruit Attraction in Madrid, due to the complexity and the almost never seen before situation that is about to be created in the global Kiwi market, creating a great opportunity for Greek kiwi distributors to present their products, satisfying the huge current demand.

New collaborations

During the three days of the exhibition, PROTO had almost 40 appointments with interested parties from all over the world including Canada, Spain, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and of course many European countries. The main topic discussed -with existing and potential customers- was the 2017 Kiwi season which just started officially for Europe. Fewer southern hemisphere kiwis, fewer Italian kiwis and more Greek kiwis was the sum up of the predictions for the upcoming kiwi season. These are the parameters that led PROTO to join Fruit Attraction this year and discuss the complexity that describes the market at the moment.

Proto decided to present its views and standpoint on this situation by meeting with customers and potential new collaborators in person and what a better opportunity to do so than Fruit Attraction in Madrid!

Currently PROTO is going through the harvesting processes. Keep visiting our blog for information on PROTO fruits’ quantity and quality for the 2017/2018 season as more kiwis fill up our cooling rooms!

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