GRAPES 2022: the report


With summer 2022 being the very first summer of normality after the pandemic, PROTO is fully charged up and ready to launch its Seedless Table Grapes’ season!


Harvest started as soon as early August with the Arra30 and Sugar Crisp varieties. By the first two weeks of September, Crimson and Arra15 will have also started to accumulate in the PROTO cold storage facilities. The remaining varieties -the White Sweet Globe, Red Sweet Celebration and Jack’s Salute as well as the Black Arra32- will be harvested by the end of the month.


Quality seems normal, as the heavy rains that hit northern Greece during mid-August did not affect the fruit heavily. PROTO field agronomists along with the company’s growers, remained on top of the situation, constantly monitoring the development of the vines, trying to identify and eliminate any rising issues.



The overall quantity expected to be handled by PROTO this season exceeds the 2000 tons’ mark, with Crimson holding the reigns and Sugar Crisp following. All packing processes started on the second week of September, with arrivals to our European Customers occurring within the same week.


The PROTO mentality adores continuous improvement: apart from the MARCO line which operates for its second season, three brand new forced air coolers will soon be operational, as well as a heat-sealing machine. PROTO Greek Seedless Red, White and Black Table Grapes are expected to be available to PROTO customers from mid-September until early November.

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