Grapes on the rise!


For a 5th consecutive season, the seedless table grape quantities have increased. Furthermore, to the familiar PROTO varieties, new have been added, such as Sugar Crisp, Jack’s Salute, Sweet Celebration, Sweet Globe, the Arra line-up along with the classic Crimson and Thomson seedless, now available to all PROTO customers.

Almost 1000 tones of the IFG and Grapa Varieties have already been harvested, with more than another 1500 of Crimson being expected to be harvested soon. The extreme heatwave that hit Greece seems to have small to zero effect on Table Grapes, except for Crimson which seem to have a smaller average berry size.

PROTO seeing potential in Seedless Table Grapes along with established partnerships and new requests for fresh Greek Vineyards produce, invested in a brand-new Packing Line provided by Marco UK, increasing packing capabilities to two trucks of punnets, on a daily basis! Our retailer partners in the UK have already received the first loads while customers in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are also about to enjoy the PROTO Table Grapes. German and Polish markets are also expecting our delicious Table Grapes, with the season finish expected around mid-November.

New PROTO grape sizer

Together with the new varieties, another investment takes place, sure to give an extra boost to our export numbers: the brand-new Table Grapes packing line by Marco UK is already in the works! Detailed weighing and monitoring systems as well as the highly efficient overall design will allow for PROTO to pack approximately 40 pallets of punnets per day whilst maintaining the high quality our clients are accustomed to.

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