Great demand for the Greek cherry


A great interest towards the Greek cherry has benn documented this season, especially among new markets, such as Saudi Arabia and South Africa. The popularity of the Greek cherry has increased during the past five years among countries both inside and outside Europe –a trend that was showcased for the first time during this year’s Fruit Logistica and Freskon (Thessaloniki, organized by Helexpo) exhibitions.

Reasons behind demand growth

Three major factors have boosted Greek cherry’s popularity among new and existing markets. These factors are:

• The Greek cherry’s top quality, especially when compared to the Italian, the Turkish and Spanish cherries

• Volume increase – especially of new and more popular varieties

• Improvements made concerning packaging methods, such that demanded constant investments in technological and mechanical equipment on behalf of distributors.   

Arable land expansion

Demand from foreign markets and good selling prices for producers led to the expansion of the Greek cherry arable land, especially from producers from the areas of Macedonia and Thessaly. Specifically, during the last five years, in the region of Pella, the plantation of cherry trees has increased by 30%, .


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