Greek cherry production: a worldwide exporting force


Greece is among the top 10 countries worldwide when it comes to cherries' production. Despite the financial problems or because of them, Greek companies make strong efforts in seeking more clients abroad which led to an expansion beyond the usual Baltic customers and allowed for the Greek cherry to enter deeper into higher-priced markets such as Italy and Germany.

New Goals

The next step for the Greek companies and their newest goal is to make the rest of the world discover that Greek cherries are of the top quality and should be on their go-to list when seeking high quality fruit.

Forecast for 2017

Theoretical predictions on expected production may be extremely useful for the market. Yet, the weather and climatic conditions are factors that can never be accurately foreseen. The first estimations on expected quantity take into account this seasons’ freezing temperatures that occurred during the end of April making even more difficult to estimate the 2017 production (Northern Greece was hit by below 0 degrees temperatures for a few days, which led to the damaging of the fruits that are grown mainly at altitudes higher than 600m).

However, Growers in Northern Greece have a vast experience in growing cherries and so they remain calm as they wait for a few more days to begin assessing the damage. Early estimations in areas that seem to be hit harder than others like Kerasia located in the region of Pella, reach a 50% drop for certain orchards.

PROTO remains optimistic and advises all producers to do so too. Waiting patiently for the next weeks to begin the cherries' harvest might seem a slow process, yet the high quality of nature's produce deserve the wait. 

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