Greek kiwis: a force of production


The progress of kiwi production in the Greek land has been on the rise for many years now, with the numbers rising immensely during the last 5 years. Local and foreign specialists agree that if the numbers continue to rise at this pace, then by 2020 Greece will be among the top three kiwi producers in the world (behind New Zealand and Italy), with an estimated production of 200,000 tons.

This year’s production

Today, Greek kiwi production is estimated at about 170,000 tons per year, justifying its continuous rise (the numbers have doubled compared to 7 years ago).  Talking numbers, 95% of Greek kiwis are exported with the 40% coming from the Pieria region, in Northern Greece. High production numbers are also showcased by the regions of Arta, Larissa, Kavala,  Imathia, Pella and Phthiotis.

New markets

It has become obvious during the past few years that the European market is getting closer to saturation as far as the kiwi exports are concerned –a fact that had urged Greek producers to look for new markets. Apart from India, the distribution of the Greek kiwi has already begun to China, South Africa and the USA. The same applies for Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and Brazil, where the process of approval is expected to come through during the coming months. 

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