Hello Cherry Season!


The Greek Cherries’ season is almost upon us and PROTO is ready to start packing and shipping the tasty stonefruit to our customers. Last season was a difficult one as heavy rain ruined the better half of it. Although this year started in a similar manner, the rain was not as destructive, meaning early to mid-season varieties such as Larian, Crystalina and Georgia have been affected quantity-wise, thus PROTO has succeeded in being in fully operational state since May 29th, when the harvested quantities are expected to be normal.


The rest of the varieties


By Week 23, Ferrovia, Germensdorfer, Bakirtzeika and Lapin will be ready for shipping to our customers, with quality and sizing also expected to be normal. PROTO kicked off the season by testing the Unitec sorter, with upgrades related to product handling improvements, two brand new cluster-cutter tables to fit the 20 sorter lines and some modifications related to improving the cold chain from harvest to customer delivery.


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