Kavala: the land that produces part of our kiwis


Where do PROTO kiwis come from? Among else from one of the most beautiful regions in East Macedonia, Greece: Kavala city. 

A rich history

The city was founded in the late 7th century BC by people of the neighboring Thassos island. It was named Neapolis (meaning “new city”) and enjoyed great prosperity from its birth, due to its privileged position and its commercial harbor.  The Macedonian era found the city acting as the main port to the Philippi region –famous nowadays for its ancient Greek theatre standing proud even today. In Roman times the city acted as a major commercial station along the Via Egnatia, but it was during the Byzantine period that the city underwent major changes reflecting the spread of Christianity after St. Paul’s visit in 49-50 AD and was renamed Christoupolis (meaning “the city of Jesus Christ”).

Christoupolis was conquered many times by Slavs, Frank and Venetians. In 1391 it was seized by the Ottomans and from the end of the 15th century was known by its current name, probably because Egnatia served as a resting point for the travelers and their horses (Kavala means “horseback riding”). After the Greek independence in 1821, Kavala city has transformed into a modern industrial city, with a vibrant port, spectacular beaches and glorious mountains. 

Kavala’s beauties:

With an active port, Kavala was always a rich city. Blessed with fertile soil it has a rich past in the production of tobacco, kiwis, delicious grapes and olive oil of the highest quality. In Kavala –in Chrysoupolis-  we collaborate with approximately 90 kiwi growers with around 4500 tons production in 2018. Kavala’s kiwi production is famous for the high yield, nice fruit colour and high dry matter.

What to see: 

  • Kamares -the impressive old aqueduct of the city
  • The fortress – known as the Acropolis of Kavala, it was built around the first quarter of 15th century
  • The archaeological site of Philippi –with the ancient theatre
  • The spectacular beaches of Ammolofoi
  • Mountain Pagkaion –nature at its best
  • Nestos river –beauty in every step



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