Kiwi Harvest Report


It was not easy to predict how the Greek 2019-2020 kiwifruit season would turn out. At PROTO we have been asked on several occasions how we expected the fruit condition to be, after severe weather phenomena in many regions of Greece. The one thing that was easy to foresee though was quantity –it was expected to be significantly higher than previous years.


The report

The harvest started for PROTO at the end of October. Despite the fact that the demand seemed to be high early on, and against markets’ pressure, PROTO begun harvesting after the fruit reached the proper maturity levels. Since overall production was higher, PROTO not only exceeded last season’s quantities by more than 2000 tons, but also surpassed its’ goal for the season! In total, 15.700 tons were harvested by our GlobalGap certified growers, out of all Greek kiwifruit producing Greek Regions including Kavala, Larisa, Arta and of course Pieria. The slightly flat or round shaped fruit seem to appear in bigger numbers this season, with the overall external quality being very good (the only exception: some hale damaged fruit from the region of Kavala). The average size was expected to be borderline size 30, which means slightly less than 98 grams. After harvesting, we estimated the average size to surpass the 100 grams mark. PROTO’s kiwifruit maintain their competitive advantage over other European kiwifruit, with an average dry-matter percentage that is over 17%.

Export dynamics

As already stated, the markets demand was high in the beginning of the season, thus PROTO has already shipped more than 1500 tons worldwide, including USA, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. Our newly expanded long-storage facilities in Pieria region have already received our kiwifruit for the rest of the season, with each lot strategically positioned based on storing capability. This means PROTO will be able to deliver delicious, fresh, high quality kiwifruit by the end of May 2020! Get in touch to get your PROTO kiwifruit as soon as possible!

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