Kiwifruit harvest season report

Kiwi photo

After the 2020 Kiwifruit harvest season ended, it is a given that Greece is bound to equalize the Italian production sooner rather than later. With the whole process finishing by late November, this season’s harvest was the longest in the Greek Kiwifruit business recorded history! PROTO gathered approximately 14000 metric tons which is 15% less than last year’s crop. The drop is due to the smaller average size in addition to the lower yield. Still, PROTO led the industry retaining its’ title as the Leader in the Greek Kiwifruit business.

While PROTO is receiving fruit from its grower team, 2020 is a cornerstone year for the company’s operations as it marks the very first season when company owned farms gave their first crop! This means that apart from monitoring, assisting and handling our growers team, PROTO is vertically integrating its operations. With company owned farms, PROTO aims at further increasing the annual volumes handled, introducing the latest technologies in farming and environmental sustainability while maintaining the high overall quality that made Greek Kiwifruit a valuable commodity for every fruit trader worldwide. USA has already received the first PROTO kiwifruit shipments, with Canada, South Africa, Asia and Europe also already having access to delicious PROTO kiwifruit.

With an extensive list of quality protocols and certifications in place, PROTO has managed to ship 40% of its production directly to Super Market chains in Europe, the UK and Hong Kong ensuring a healthy and pleasant experience for end-customers! With the global COVID-19 pandemic still ranging on and since lockdowns are bound to end, maintaining a healthy diet is one of the safest and pleasant ways to protect oneself. Kiwifruit is abundant in Vitamin C, making it one of the healthiest energy and protection sources for children and adults alike. PROTO is one a the few proud who can deliver some of the best Kiwifruit available in world….worldwide! Get in touch to find out more about availability and pricing!

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