Kiwis’ report: Record breaking season


Among the COVID-19 Pandemic and the energy costs skyrocketing after many decades, driving overall costs to a new high, PROTO succeeded in showcasing during Week 19 a company record breaking Kiwifruit Season, with 18000 tons of Fresh Greek PROTO Kiwifruit reaching destinations all over the World.


USA led our exports, a huge market by default that still has great potential to show when it comes to Fresh Kiwifruit. PROTO surely has great interest in North America and will invest in this market in the years to follow. The EU came close second, with Major Retailers in Spain, Poland, Germany, Romania, and The Czech Republic being the main destinations. Serbia and the UK also received plenty of our delicious Kiwifruit while the Middle East showed great interest in our Kiwifruit yet for another Season. Despite the difficulties in transportation and COVIC-19 restrictions, South-East Asia and China also showed great loyalty in the PROTO brand with shipments going into these markets up until May!


The 2021-2022 PROTO kiwifruit season marks an end of an Era for the company, as for the 2022-2023 season our new facilities and kiwifruit sorter will be fully operational, giving PROTO the capability of going well north of the 20000 tons mark. PROTO not only remains the largest Greek Kiwifruit producer and exporter but expands even further, transforming into one of the most important Northern Hemisphere Fresh Kiwifruit players.

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