Meet Pirgetos village


Where do the delicious PROTO kiwis you love are coming for? A part of them arrives from the blessed land of Pirgetos! Pirgetos is a village of just 2000 residents, located in Larisa (North Greece) and it is famous worldwide for the delicious kiwis it produces. 

A natural beauty worth admiring

Visiting Pirgetos is a blessing. Beautiful green surroundings accompany you wherever you go. Time seems to be standing still here, allowing you to admire the warm embrace of nature: the clear, bright light of the sun, the true blue of the sky and the green below and around you. 

An invite to the explorer

It may be small, but Pirgetos village is a challenge to the real explorer. Little chapels hidden on top of hills and in the middle of the surrounding forests, dare you to discover them all. While visiting the area, do not miss out on discovering the famous “Petrogefiro” (meaning Stonebridge). The famous bridge that passes along the beautiful river of Pinios, was built around 1726, and became the much needed solution for the residents of the area, by uniting the two sides of the river.


The village today

Pirgetos village boasts friendly people that work in the agricultural field while being passionately involved with the folklore art and music – Vaios Malliaras, a famous Greek folklore musician- was born here. During your visit, allow the Pirgetos villagers to introduce you to local music – a perfect match to the gorgeous natural views all around you!

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