Since 2018, the PROTO management has been travelling the world, planning, and negotiating with all major kiwifruit sorters manufacturers a huge expansion of its facilities regarding the company’s sorting and packing capabilities. Last year the company announced to customers and suppliers that a brand new, state-of-the-art Kiwifruit sorter had been ordered from Compaq-Icoel.

The brand new, state-of-the-art kiwifruit sorter is now ready to start operating, giving an even bigger boost the PROTO kiwifruit production. In numbers this means, approximately 30 tons of kiwifruit will be sorted for Size, External and Internal Quality every hour, and then packed directly into boxes. In order to support the new machine, 8 new cooling rooms have been built while a 1980 sq. meter mezzanine hangs over the building floor in order to supply fast the needed packaging material.

Existing and new staff including top management will begin training on the capabilities and proper operation of the whole line and start-up checks are expected to take place in late August.



PROTO has been in the kiwifruit business for over 18 years. During this time, it has upgraded its heavy sorting equipment twice, has expanded its facilities for packing and storing its kiwifruit by 20.000 square meters and has upgraded its Information Technology infrastructure countless times.

During all these upgrades and expansions, there were two key investments in infrastructures that allowed for the company not only to be by far the largest Greek Kiwifruit packer but one of the most important ones of the Northern Hemisphere:

-The Thessaloniki Packhouse expansion in 2004.

-The Nea Efessos cooling rooms construction in 2006.

With Greece maintaining a leading position in the Global Kiwifruit production with almost 300.000 tons of the Hayward variety alone being expected this season, it makes perfect sense for PROTO to own and run the biggest kiwifruit line of the country and to keep investing in ideas that pushes us forward.

In case you are interested in exploring our facilities, contact us to arrange a visit! We are more than happy to welcome you and show you our methods of operating.

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