One of the reasons the fruit business is so interesting is that each season is never identical to the previous one or the next! It is either the market demand, the weather, overall production or global events that differentiate between seasons, creating new challenges and new opportunities!


Kiwis on the rise

For PROTO, the 2020-2021 Kiwifruit season came full circle a bit earlier than expected since demand was higher than anticipated from late February until April. With new markets being added to the destinations’ line-up, including Thailand, PROTO kiwifruit reached four continents, with our customers asking for more until the very last day of packing operations! Over 14.100 tons of fresh Greek PROTO kiwifruit were shipped with Poland, Spain, the USA and the UK receiving the majority of the quantities available.


Despite the kiwifruit season coming to an early conclusion, PROTO remained active by focusing on the upcoming Cherry season!


Popular Cherries

Enquiries from customers started as early as March while concerns were raised because of the cold weather wave that hit Italy and Greece. Damage was indeed done in low altitude areas but cherries produced from altitudes over 300 meters seem to be unaffected. Regions that supply PROTO cherries -including Orma, Kerasia and Grammatiko- were thankfully pretty much unharmed, but production will be lower by a 10% to 20% in comparison to the record breaking previous season. PROTO will begin supply a week later than usual which means the first trucks are expected to depart in late May, with quantities being slightly limited for the first couple of weeks. Our long standing partners which including big Super Market chains in Europe and the UK are already in contact with us to plan the upcoming season.

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