PROTO cherries sales reach a 25% increase


Until the end of June 2015 cherries sales presented a 25% increase compared to last year’s numbers, despite the fact that this year’s trading began a week later than usual. The increase was a result of higher production numbers per acre as well as to the fact that more cherry producers collaborated with PROTO. Specifically, until the end of June, PROTO cherries sales surpassed 1,500 tons while it is estimated that total sales will surpass 3,000 tons.


Export-wise, Great Britain was the No1 importer of PROTO cherries, the Baltic countries (Lithuania and Latvia) were a close second and third came Germany. It is worth noting that for the first time PROTO exported cherries to big local super market chains in Finland and Denmark.


It’s been another good season for PROTO cherries, which were, once again, of top  quality despite the fact that this season’s fruit have been relatively smaller compared to last season’s cherries.



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