PROTO cherry season: a recap


Growing Cherries is a tricky business; Many variables come into play, with growers needing to pay attention to the application of chemicals, harvest in a timely manner, quick cooling, quick packing and fast shipping being the key factors to a successful season. Even if everything is done properly, weather has the final say in the overall outcome. The 2018 season was abruptly cut short because of heavy rain. This season however, while weather conditions were not exactly favorable throughout July, there were not any major disruptions and the harvest finished in the beginning of August!


Numbers and varieties

Finally PROTO handled more than 7000 tons of Cherries. This is the first time ever for PROTO reaching these volumes, so late in the Cherry season! The first varieties shipped were Larian, Crystalina and Georgia, by mid-June our customers received Ferrovia, Germensdorfer, Bakirtzeika and Lapins, while the last stretch of the season, from mid-July to early August included Ferrovia, Germensdorfer, Bakirtzeika, Kordia, Regina and Sweet Heart.



PROTO Cherry shipments were significantly increased to customers, with LIDL receiving three times bigger quantities in comparison to 2018, Jumbo in the Netherlands receiving double the quantities and Jeronimo Martins in Poland extended the kiwi fruit collaboration with PROTO by receiving our high quality Cherries!


Visits and meetings


PROTO was also heavily and actively involved in the efforts of exporting Greek stonefruit including Cherries to the People’s Republic of China. Chinese officials visited Greece and performed on-sight inspections of orchards and pack houses, including PROTO affiliated growers, the PROTO hydrocooling facility in Kerasia-Pella and our packhouse in Thessaloniki.

Also, representatives from our company have also experienced formal visits to two major breeders in Germany. For PROTO, it is of grave importance to keep up to date with the latest trends in the fruit industry, to provide our customers with the best fruit available. This trip  helped us understand the trends in Cherry varieties and assist in the overall planning of the Greek Cherry production!

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