The concern regarding the newly spread COVID19 virus is rising as individuals across the globe test positive on a daily basis. While the symptoms are moderate and extremely similar to the common flu, the virus spreads more easily than common flu viruses thus the risk of exposure is greater. For this reason, the company’s Crisis Management Team has taken the following measures starting February 26th, as soon as the first confirmed case appeared in Greece:

  1. Access to the packhouse and packhouse offices is strictly prohibited to any unauthorized person.
  2. Hand sanitizers are added to the existing ones throughout the offices and packhouse areas, the use of which is mandatory.
  3. The use of gloves for all workers is mandatory.
  4. During breaks workers are required to sit in two different locations instead of one, to minimize the risk of exposure and contamination.
  5. Work positions have been re-arranged to a minimum of 2 meters between workers.
  6. Any symptoms of cough, sneezing, or general unhealthy appearance is treated as a possible infection and the person is required to be absent from work for a minimum of 14 days.
  7. Cleaning schedule has been updated for all packhouse areas to be deeply cleaned and disinfected twice a week instead of once a week.
  8. On-site doctor visits for staff check-ups.
  9. Workers and site management are requested to avoid socializing in public areas.

The company will keep following these measures for the foreseeable future.


Until today, fresh fruit is not deemed as a virus carrier and can be safely consumed. Before consuming any food including fresh fruit, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Proper hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap should be performed before consuming any food including fresh fruit.
  2. Proper washing of knives, forks, spoons, plates and any other household equipment should be performed.
  3. In case a fruit can be consumed including its skin such as Table Grapes, proper thorough washing is always mandatory.
  4. The skin of fruit that needs peeling should be immediately discarded in proper waste bags and the surface should be thoroughly cleaned.


Remember that at this point, only a healthy immune system can battle COVID19. A healthy lifestyle including healthy meals can boost your immune system. Some examples include Kiwifruit which is the best natural source of vitamin C and Cherries which are rich in potassium. Stay healthy!

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