PROTO kiwi distribution


Greek kiwifruit has established its presence in global markets for quite some time with PROTO playing a major part in making the Greek kiwifruit known to consumers worldwide. PROTO kiwifruit is known for their high dry-matter which practically means excellent taste.

Steady global flow

During this season, thanks to our new cooling rooms and the management of stock, we managed to prolong the availability of our fruit to the global markets. Despite the fact that Greek fruit is known as tasty but not durable for late season deliveries to remote destinations, PROTO will be delivering its fruit to global markets including India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA and China until early May! Our customers favor our brand to early Chilean kiwifruit, since the latter are quite sour having low sugars and dry-matter, thus lacking taste!

European deliveries

Meanwhile, our customers in Europe will of course be able to source our fruit until late May, since PROTO is the only Greek Kiwifruit distributor who has enough quantities available to cover demand in all Sizes and Quality Classes.

There is still time for you to order the delicious and durable PROTO kiwifruit, no matter where you are.  Contact us today!

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