PROTO kiwis on the rise!


9500. This is how many tons PROTO has already sold, well into March 2021. Thailand and its 70 million of population has been a welcome addition to the long list of countries Proto exports to. One of the largest Thai retailers is one of our new partnerships, making our fruit widely available to Thai consumers.

Approximately 40% of the Proto clientele consists of large retailers with Super market chains in Poland, the UK, Spain, the USA and another 25 countries worldwide receiving the delicious Greek PROTO Kiwifruit. Increased exports to the USA and South Africa are the highlight of the season so far regarding sales.


Upcoming season

On the farms front, our growers are already well into the process of preparing their orchards for the upcoming season. With winter pruning almost finished, growers are now arranging and binding branches. This will allow for enough sunlight to reach all leaves and fruit at later stages thus achieving better air circulation, higher percentage of successful pollination, the increase of dry matter and consequently improving taste and shelf life. With more than 4500 tons still available, Proto has a long way to go for the 2020-2021 Kiwifruit season.


Stay tuned for more information on the Greek Kiwifruit season as well as the much anticipated Cherry season!

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