Record number of kiwi harvested!


The 2021 northern-hemisphere kiwi fruit season has begun while harvest has been concluded in Italy and Greece. It is now a given that Greek fruit will become the protagonist of the worldwide markets, as soon as 2022: it has been a record-breaking season for Greek Kiwifruit quantities produced, with Proto once again, showing its strength, by also breaking the company record for Kiwifruit harvested and handled within one season! More than 18.000 tons of kiwifruit will be handled by PROTO for the 2021-2022 season, an all-time record, exceeding the previous one by more than 2000 tons!

Despite having such an increase in quantity, PROTO followed all internal Quality Procedures and Checks to the letter, achieving an average Dry Matter – the most important factor for great kiwifruit taste - of over 16.5%. A well-organized harvest plan across all four Greek main kiwifruit-growing regions ensured that the PROTO fruit were harvested with appropriate Brix levels, well over the 6% that is the norm for most handlers in Europe. By the end of November, almost 2000 tons of kiwifruit were already dispatched across the Globe, with the maritime transport turmoil, global supply-chains disruptions and containers availability being the main obstacles for the PROTO operations. The Americas, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the UK have been the markets that have already received delicious PROTO kiwifruit!

While this season seems to be hiding challenges with overall fruit pressure, PROTO plans to have proper fruit available for its customers even until early June. Contact us as soon as possible for your shipment of delicious PROTO kiwifruit!

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