Visiting or exhibiting in Fruit Logistica 2023?


Simply visiting or exhibiting in Fruit Logistica 2023? Just looking to get inside information on the global Fruit Market? Maybe looking to source High Quality Kiwifruit, Cherries or Table Grapes? Whatever the reason is for visiting Berlin this February, the PROTO corner at Hall 27, stand C-26 is a stop you cannot miss!

With kiwifruit sizes being rather smaller than average, February marks the last stretch of the Northern Hemisphere season. Yet again, PROTO will be one of the last suppliers in Europe being able to provide high quality fruit up to the very end of May! While size may be smaller than usual, quality characteristics such as sugar, dry-matter and overall eating experience of the PROTO kiwifruit remain at its top levels, as every season!

Thanks to our new investment in a hi-tech fruit sorter, not only skin defects and shape but also firmness is now part of the equation when we decide which fruit is best suited for our clients! Having PROTO as part of your supply chain guarantees that you will receive the best possible fruit that can be grown, and latest technology can pick and sort depending on your exact needs!

Celebrate with us by meeting with our team and exploring how our 9-decade history of producing high quality fruits led us to a fruitful present, and why it will lead us to an even more fruitful future.

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