What’s new with PROTO cherries?


As winter moves forward, Southern Europe struggles through lower than usual temperatures. Greece is no exception, with temperatures in Northern regions remaining well below 0 degrees Celsius, for many consecutive days.

However, the PROTO team remains focused and determined to push through the harsh weather conditions and keep supplying its customers with high quality fruit. Our team, being in constant contact with all of our cherry producers, has been making sure that there are no negative effects on our cherry orchards.

It is never too soon to plan for the next season and thus PROTO has not only planned for the upcoming cherry production, but has also begun putting its newest investments to use. The biggest step forward concerning cherry seasons to come, is the newest addition to our lineup of latest technology sorting equipment: a brand new cherries electronic calibrator by Unitec s.p.a. 

PROTO’s  new calibrator increases our production lines by 10 and our production capacity by 6 tons per hour! This means that with 20 lines and a capacity of approximately 10 tons per hour, we will be able to respond even faster to new orders while maintaining the high quality our customers are used to. All fruit is processed non-invasively and categorized by size and color so as to suit each market needs, while many different kinds of visible or invisible defects can be detected by sophisticated cameras so as to ensure the highest quality possible.

To further support this exciting new technology, we are expanding our production areas with new environment-friendly facilities, which are designed specifically to the needs of cherry production and will be solely dedicated to bringing our customers the best of Greek cherries available.

Learn more about our newest investments and plans by visiting us at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, 8th to 10th of February, Hall 2.1 Stand D-02.

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