Where do our cherries grow?



Do you know where do the high quality, delicious PROTO cherries that we cultivate, and you get to taste, come from? From “privileged” areas in North Greece, such as Pella, selected for their fertile soil and good climate conditions.

The large volume of cherries managed by the company is produced entirely in the prefecture of Pella, and in the wider region of Edessa, on lands extending from 450 meters to the foot of Mount Voras at an altitude of 1,550 meters. The fertile land of Pella, and in particular Edessa, is famous for its geomorphology (high mountains, plains, abundant water) and has been a “privileged” area to produce quality cherries for at least 200 years.




In addition to the ideal soil conditions of the area, however, the climatic conditions of the area are favorable to the demanding cultivation of the cherry tree. In particular, the provision of sufficient winter cold (>1,100 hours of cold below 7oC) for the smooth interruption of the dormancy of the cherry buds, the favorable conditions during the flowering period and the cool summers contribute to an increase in the production of quality fruit with excellent organoleptic characteristics.




The company's cooperation with experienced producers and their guidance (through the company's agronomists) plays an important role in this, to upgrade their know-how and the faithful application of instructions and rules for the protection of both consumer health and the environment. 



All the above, combined with the harvesting of the cherries at the appropriate stage of ripeness and the maintenance of the cold chain after collection, guarantee the consistently excellent quality of the exported product (sweet taste, crisp and cohesive flesh, resistance to transport). In particular, the fruit is harvested and collected directly in a cold storage warehouse maintained by the company in Kerasia, Pella. In the same area they are also pre-cooled in a special hydro cooler. From there, they are transported by private refrigerated lorries to the central facilities of Protofanousis SA in Ionia, Thessaloniki, where they are sorted and packaged using a state-of-the-art electronic cherry calibrator (separation of sizes, hues and defects). The entire production line is GlobalGap certified. 



Therefore, Protofanousi Fruits S.A. has become the largest Greek cherry export company. It handles annually about 11,000 tons of cherries, with its main markets being Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and Romania, while recently its exports have been extended to the Scandinavian countries and the Middle East.

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