COVID-19 and cherries: an update


With societies and most countries worldwide still in full or partial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for the food supply chain remains as important as ever –maybe even more important than before. Greece has performed better than most countries in the world thanks to the immediate measures taken, the excellent work performed by the authorities and the collaboration of the Greek people who understood the importance of Public Health over anything else.

THE PROTO RESPONSIBILITY: working conditions

PROTO has played its part, acting -as always- responsibly, continuously supplying its customers with much needed fruit, taking all necessary precautions concerning COVID-19. With workers positioned more than 2 meters apart, one large canteen, a recently added area for lunch breaks and big open space exterior rest areas, daily monitoring of body temperature, daily training and updates to all of our staff we have managed to keep safe distances from one another, stay healthy and keep the supply chain going.

THE PROTO RESPONSIBILITY: packing and delivery

While all of the medical scientific community and authorities worldwide being more than certain that Sars-Cov-2 cannot be transmitted via consuming food, it is imperative to remind everyone that thorough cleaning of fresh fruit and vegetables has always been mandatory before consuming them. When it comes to cherries especially, our packing procedures include hydrocooling with nearly frozen fresh water nearby the harvest location, which practically means washing the cherries for a minimum of 10 minutes almost immediately after harvest. The fruit is transported with company owned vehicles driven by company drivers and within only 1.5 hours they reach the packhouse facility where they are packed in our state of the art sorter, in which the cherries are submerged in fresh cold water.

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