PROTO investing for its producers


Within a constantly changing financial environment, the globalized economy and international competition both put extreme pressure on the Greek agricultural sector. Greek agricultural-related revenue, at its majority, keeps declining due to increased production costs and heavy taxation, making farming-related occupations less appealing year after year.

PROTO, based on the long standing relations with its farmers, stands its ground against this turbulence via continuous investments, so as to maintain the top quality its customers are used to. While doing so it has also managed to expand its business by increasing its production volumes each year.

While ensuring both the top quality offered and the prosperity of the farmers it collaborated with, PROTO sought after the benefits of modern technology and took the communication between the agronomists and growers to the next level.

PROTO strongly believes that both fruit quality and quantity can be maintained at the desired level if there is continuous communication between all parties involved throughout each growing season. To that end, PROTO farmers will be able, via the use of the Sima app on their cell phone or tablet, to be constantly updated by the company’s agronomists, with information related to their crop. Advice on agricultural practices depending on the time of the season such as crop protection and irrigation demands can be received instantly on their mobile device, making all information constantly accessible.

What is really exciting about this technology though is the fact that with the push of a button, farmers will be able to update an e-calendar, on which all activities will appear throughout the season. Date, time and dosage of each pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and so on will appear on their e-calendar, which is not only farmer-specific, but also farm-specific. Apart from the Sima app, farmers will be able to access more features such as weather forecasts and cost control also available on the i-Farma app of their personal computer or mobile device. Both apps will be available to PROTO farmers completely free of charge.

Growers in the region of Kavala, Northern Greece, have already been briefed on the ease of use of these applications, so as to fully benefit by applying them to their practice.

By investing in the direction of growth, PROTO continues to innovate, always having the best interest of Greek farmers at heart.


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