PROTO travels to Chile for new varieties of seedless table grapes


During the second half of the 20th century and well into the 21st, the globe has witnessed huge leaps in all aspects of science. From medicine to transportation, technological development has been striving to cover the constantly evolving demands of a continuous population growth.

Agriculture has not fallen behind as agricultural scientists have been trying through research and field experimentation to provide farmers with new crop varieties that not only cope with diseases and infestations, but also produce sufficient quantities that can supply the food chain for longer periods of time. Especially when it comes to fruit, durability, flavor and appearance come into play only to create greater challenges to developing new varieties and adjusting existing ones to new environments.

As PROTO's main goal is to provide its customers with top quality fruit for the longest period possible, key members of its staff traveled across the globe to Chile, to find out more about new varieties of seedless table grapes.

During their time in Chile, PROTO people witnessed firsthand the methods some of Chile's best growers follow and identified the capabilities of specific table grapes varieties that could be introduced in PROTO's seedless grapes varieties.

PROTO has proven restless, among other things, when it comes to innovation and has believed that introducing new seedless table grapes varieties - white, red and black - to Greek vineyards will be mutually beneficial for the company and the farmers, but most of all for its customers, as they will enjoy fresh and tasty seedless grapes grown under the ideal conditions of the beautiful Greek weather.

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