Trip to Germany


These past few months, PROTO hosted many existing and potential customers. The interest in Greek Cherries during this season was very high and our company was the forerunner in advertising and of course exporting this delicious summer fruit! Cherries have a significant impact on worldwide markets and we believe that it is imperative for Greek growers to keep up with the trends in growing techniques and varieties.


Informative meetings

Our exports director Mr. George Kallitsis, along with Mr. Taxidis, one of our biggest growers, travelled to Germany in search for new varieties that can replace existing ones and even expand the current Greek Cherry season, which usually lasts until late July. The trip included a meeting with highly active and experienced Cherry breeders who informed us on varieties Cerasina 10, 11, 12 and 13. Their targets when breeding a new variety is firmness, taste, size and yield per hectare. At our stop to another facility, we also gathered interesting information on varieties that have potential in the Greek climate. Discussions included harvest techniques, ideal time and temperatures for harvest and overall handling of the very sensitive fruit that Cherries are, especially to avoid pitting.

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